Multi-objective Optimisation with IBM ILOG CPLEX - Part 1

Eons ago, I played this online game called Tribal Wars 2. Recently, Innogames wiped their online forums to its pre-historic ages, which happens to include my report on army sizes to build. Back then, I used MATLAB Optimization Toolbox. Now I’m going to give IBM ILOG CPLEX a try and see how it goes.

Custom Light Theme for Hugo Terminal

I really like Panr’s Hugo theme Terminal. It’s beautiful. For long texts, the contrast can make texts a bit hard to read however. This post outlines the files I made customisations to, to create a light theme with a dark blue accent. This is in no way a complete customisation of the Terminal theme, just enough of it that fits my current needs.

Birth of Toddler

Tribal Wars 2 Manager is now called Toddler!