Demysitifying the Cognitive Enterprise - What is it?

Being a ‘Cognitive Enterprise’ presents a significant shift in thinking, culture and technology. However, it’s also used as buzzwords for every vendor to push products. What does it really mean? Where did it come from? How do you get started?

Multi-objective Optimisation with IBM ILOG CPLEX - Part 1

Eons ago, I played this online game called Tribal Wars 2. Recently, Innogames wiped their online forums to its pre-historic ages, which happens to include my report on army sizes to build. Back then, I used MATLAB Optimization Toolbox. Now I’m going to give IBM ILOG CPLEX a try and see how it goes.

Custom Light Theme for Hugo Terminal

I really like Panr’s Hugo theme Terminal. It’s beautiful. For long texts, the contrast can make texts a bit hard to read however. This post outlines the files I made customisations to, to create a light theme with a dark blue accent. This is in no way a complete customisation of the Terminal theme, just enough of it that fits my current needs.

Birth of Toddler

Tribal Wars 2 Manager is now called Toddler!